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If you search for online business ideas, you will be flooded with a lot of information. Every friend, relative and online portal will have individual opinions about it and it’s not unusual to be confused about it. Ultimately your dream business will always evade you not for a lack of idea but for so many ideas.

Don’t fall into this trap. We have covered you at such a crucial hour. Take a look at these best online business ideas and invest in these. And you won’t have to look back ever again.

Affiliate marketing is in

One of the best and perhaps easiest ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. This refers to someone who gets a commission for allowing other companies to sell their products through their portal. The best part about it is that you don’t have to put much effort and develop any product yourself and you can simply earn money by selling others’ products.

For example, Amazon has an affiliate marketing portal. Here you can sign up as an affiliate and start selling any company or individual’s products through a referral link. Once someone purchases the items, you will get a commission. The highest commission is 8%. Also remember that gardening and household are the best product to derive high commission.

Sell your brand

If you have a passion to do something new, then you may start your brand. Here you have to invest a few bucks during the initial phase to set the brand. You may create designs for books, t shirts, calendars, greeting cards, hats, bags and posters and start selling these through your portal. Once the brand gets higher visibility and reputation you can earn substantial amount from these. Some of the significant sites to sell products and earn some bucks are Lulu, Teespring, Zazzle etc.

Develop apps

App development is so much in trend because of its requirement and craze among several e marketers. Google app store and Apple store are filled with numerous apps and the number is increasing everyday. Leveraging such an audience and gaining some bucks is a great opportunity for the app developers. Take some time and develop an app. You may also take assistance from an app development company. Here you can earn bucks in two ways. Firstly, you may seek to develop app for other companies and start earning substantial amount. Or you may want to develop your own app and sell it in the market. Here you can sell the app and get the audience to use your app and make built in purchases. App development can seem intimidating or too large of a pursuit. Contrary to that attitude, there are so many niches, sub niches, and even micro niches in the app development space that allow for great profits. Many online entrepreneurs build multiple apps in multiple different niches and verticals. It may come as a surprise, but when it comes to app development the adult space is a very fertile testing ground for many internet entrepreneurs. Companies like Friend Finder Networks have built a large app empire stemming from their adultfriendfinder app. Startup companies start with adult apps like Local Sex App to test their success in the adult space because of the sheer amount of online traffic. They then transfer their successful strategies to other markets.

Sell domains

Buying and selling domains can be a good marketing strategy. You can leverage this opportunity. Initially it will take some time and investment but you can definitely get that money back i due time. You have to purchase a domain with registration price at a cheap price and then establish it as a reputed site. Then several companies or start-ups would like to buy your domain at a much higher price. So you can earn a substantial amount with this. You may try reputed sites like,, or expired to buy domain. Simply search with your keyword or the type of domain you want to buy. And you will get a lot of options in the above mentioned sites. Now buy your preferable one with a little registration fee and start earning.

Create an e commerce portal

Woocommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce – all these platforms have made it easier for everyone to develop an e commerce site. You can easily build up an e commerce portal with little investment. If you are facing any trouble, you may take assistance from any mobile app development company. Don’t consider this to be a spending as the investment will readily pay you back.

You can sell any product or lend the portal open to other companies or affiliate marketers to sell their products. Whatever revenue they earn, you can get a commission for each sale.

Become a consultant in social media

Business firms or large corporations often hire full fledged staff coordinator to operate their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. But small businesses need to manage their marketing in social media portals.

However, this is an overwhelming task for the small business owners since they need to be preoccupied with all the aspects of enterprises. You may avail this opportunity and become a consultant for these in social media. Make sure not to charge too much for this. Of course we don’t ask you to do this as a social service at free of cost. But if you charge less price for being a consultant, chances are that these small companies will appoint you.

Try these innovative and creative online business ideas and start earning money in no time. …

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