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When we think about the retail market, the major trend we can see is online shopping. Compared to sale at brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping is leading in sales and it is growing significantly. This trend is seen globally and it is growing in each and every country in the world. Today, the largest and biggest internet companies are considered to be the biggest e-commerce companies. Even for small businesses, it has become mandatory to have an online footprint.

Largest E-commerce Companies in the world

Before listing out the best, largest e-commerce companies, you should understand the term e-commerce. The term e-commerce in the broadest sense means all kinds of transactions of goods which happen over the internet. More specifically, e-commerce transactions are all about buying something online and making the payment electronically. Here the customer makes use of digital wallet service or debit card, or credit card. Some of the big e-commerce companies are Amazon, Alibaba’s TMall, Walmart’s online store, and eBay is also one of the top companies along with these giants.


This e-commerce giant was started in 1999. They first launched and ten The flagship site that is is operating as a global marketplace whereas is meant for handling similar work in China. They also include Tmall, Taobao, and AliExpress in their core commerce business.

The success of Alibaba’s major depends on Taobao brands and Tmall. Alibaba is considered to be an absolute giant and one of the biggest e-commerce company compared to all other giants. So, Alibaba is the biggest and largest e-commerce company all over the world.


When we consider e-commerce companies in the US, Amazon is the largest among all. They belong to online retailer companies and this company was originally started as a bookstore. But later Amazon expanded itself to all sorts of verticals and today it includes home goods, accessories, fashion, and even electronics.

When we think of online retails there is a major and successful contribution by Amazon and its Amazon Prime. This is a subscription and because of which customers get free shipping for a limited period of time.

This e-commerce company is very similar to Amazon but the only thing is it operates in China. They are popular for their unparalleled logistics network. This company owns over 500 warehouses and more than 7000 delivery stations. The best part of this company is, it operates entire logistics on its own. They never handle their packages to any third-parties even when there is last-mile delivery.

So, JD is operating as a first-party retail segment similar to Amazon. But there is one change and that is JD has a partnership with international brands as well. They are merged with Walmart and many other brands. They help all these brands in reaching to Chinese consumers.


eBay was actually started as one of the online auction houses in the 90s. Initially, it was the place where people started selling used goods and collectibles to another customer. But today, over 80 percent of the items present in this website are new and more than 89 percent of the goods are purchased for a fixed price.

Bottom Line

These are the world’s top e-commerce companies which are very popular. …

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