Rich Text Boxes in InfoPath

Learn how to use rich text boxes in InfoPath and InfoPath browser forms.

Rich Text Box Basics

InfoPath 2007

How to get HTML tags to appear as HTML and not as plain text in a Rich Text Box

Learn how to write code to render HTML in a Rich Text Box.

How to programmatically get or set the XHTML code of a Rich Text field in InfoPath 2007

Learn how to use the InnerXml property of an XML node to get and set the XHTML code of a Rich Text field on an InfoPath form template.

Programmatically add lines of text to a Rich Text Box field on an InfoPath form using C# code

Use C# code to add DIV elements to apply line-breaks between lines of text in a rich text box field on an InfoPath form.

Programmatically convert Rich Text data from InfoPath to Word DOCX

Learn how to use the WindowsBase DLL and the System.IO.Packaging namespace to export the contents of a Rich Text Box field on an InfoPath form to a Word 2007 document.

InfoPath Rich Text Boxes in SharePoint

InfoPath 2007

Add a logo from a SharePoint library to an InfoPath browser form

Learn how you can use a Rich Text Box control and code to display an image for a logo that is stored in a SharePoint Picture Library on an InfoPath browser form.

Displaying images in InfoPath 2007 browser forms served through Forms Services in SharePoint

Learn about workarounds that are available to display images in InfoPath forms that are served via InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint.

Programmatically add an item with a Rich Text field to a SharePoint list using InfoPath 2007

Programmatically add an item to a SharePoint list by submitting a CAML update batch to the UpdateListItems method of the Lists web service that comes with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).

How to display images in a repeating table in an InfoPath browser form using a Rich Text Box control

While the Picture control is not available in InfoPath browser forms, you can write code to programmatically add a link to an image to a Rich Text Box control to display images in browser forms.