InfoPath Basics

Learn how InfoPath works and how to perform basic actions in InfoPath.

Work with InfoPath

InfoPath functions with examples

A list of commonly used functions in InfoPath with examples of how those InfoPath functions can be used in formulas.

Open InfoPath forms

How to make InfoPath 2010 open XML files

Learn how you can use InfoPath Filler 2010 to open XML files that are not InfoPath forms and that were not created using InfoPath.

How to open an InfoPath form and template that were moved or copied

Learn how you can change the contents of an InfoPath form that is linked to an InfoPath form template that was moved or copied to a different location or computer, so that you can open the InfoPath form again in InfoPath.

Layout InfoPath form templates

How to make fields in InfoPath the same size

Learn how you can use Layout Tables and the Width property on InfoPath fields to make fields in InfoPath the same size.

Display data in InfoPath

Main vs. secondary data sources

This article explains the difference between the Main and secondary data sources and shows you how to programmatically retrieve a reference to the Main data source or to a secondary data source.

How to populate an InfoPath form when it is opened/loaded

This article explains how to use rules or code to fill form fields when an InfoPath form is opened or loaded.

InfoPath Resource Files - purpose and benefit

Learn what resource files in InfoPath are and when you should use them.

Publish InfoPath form templates

Change the quick publish location

Learn how you can change the publish location after you have previously published an InfoPath form template, used the quick publish functionality in InfoPat 2010, and would like to republish the InfoPath form template but then using a different publish location.

Use Controls in InfoPath

Date pickers

Date and time basics in Microsoft Office InfoPath

Understand how Microsoft Office InfoPath uses dates to be able to do your own date manipulations and calculations within InfoPath.

InfoPath 2010 date and time picker control basics

Learn how to add a Date and Time Picker control to an InfoPath 2010 form template and then set the value of the Date and Time Picker control using rules or code.

2 Ways to place a Date Picker in a Repeating Table in InfoPath

Learn how you can add or convert a text box control that is located within a repeating table on an InfoPath form template into a date picker control

Drop-down list boxes, combo-boxes, and list boxes

List control basics in InfoPath

This article explains how to use list controls such as drop-down list boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, and multi-select list boxes in InfoPath.

Repeating tables and repeating sections

Repeating control basics in InfoPath

This article explains the basics of repeating tables and repeating sections in InfoPath.

How to create a hidden column in an InfoPath repeating table

Step-by-step instructions describing two ways to hide a column in a repeating table in InfoPath.

How to pre-fill a repeating table in InfoPath with rows of data

Learn how you can add default rows to a repeating table in InfoPath, so that when you open the form, the repeating table already contains a certain amount of rows with data.

Using InfoPath Math functions with repeating fields as input

Learn how to use the avg, sum, min, max, and eval functions in InfoPath together with repeating nodes to perform calculations.

Use Rules and Conditions in InfoPath


Understanding Rules in InfoPath

This article explains what Rules are in InfoPath and how you can use them.

3 Ways to validate data in InfoPath

Learn how to use InfoPath data types, data validation conditions, and rules to check the value of a field in InfoPath.

Conditions on rules

IF-ELSE statements as conditions on rules in InfoPath 2010

Learn how to convert if-else statements into conditions on action rules in InfoPath 2010.

Make a control required based on a condition

Learn how you can use data validation in InfoPath to make a field required based on a condition or the value of another field.