InfoPath form to force a unique combination of values for a SharePoint list item

This InfoPath video is a demonstration of a SharePoint List Form that can be used to force users to enter a unique combination of values for a SharePoint list item thereby preventing duplicate items from being entered into the SharePoint list.

While you can configure fields separately to contain unique values in a SharePoint list, it becomes a bit more difficult to configure a combination of fields to contain unique data using out-of-the-box settings in SharePoint. Here is where InfoPath can help.

You can use data validation rules in a SharePoint List Form, which is an InfoPath form, to prevent users from adding duplicate items to a SharePoint list. The validation rules can validate data in either one field or data in a combination of fields.

The InfoPath 2013 with SharePoint 2013 video below demonstrates how such a solution would work by validating data that is entered into two fields of a SharePoint list item as a unique combination. It also demonstrates a second solution that prevents users to not only enter a unique combination of values, but also forces users to enter items that have unique titles.


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