InfoPath 2010 Tutorial: What is an InfoPath browser form?

Learn what an InfoPath browser form is and how InfoPath 2010 forms can be used in SharePoint 2010.

InfoPath browser forms are forms that can not only be filled out using InfoPath Filler 2010, but also through a web browser via SharePoint 2010. Note that InfoPath Forms Services must be present on the SharePoint server to be able to fill out InfoPath forms through a browser.

InfoPath 2010 forms can be used in SharePoint 2010 on several ways: InfoPath forms can serve as the user interface to SharePoint lists, they can be stored as XML files in a SharePoint form library, or they can serve as the user interface to SharePoint workflows.

The video shown below demonstrates the use of the three aforementioned types of InfoPath 2010 forms in SharePoint 2010.

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video, you learned...

  • What an InfoPath browser form is.
  • What types of browser forms you can create using InfoPath 2010.
  • How each type of InfoPath browser form can be used in SharePoint 2010.

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