Get data from an Excel workbook attached to an InfoPath form

In this InfoPath demo video you will see how you can retrieve the value of a cell from an Excel workbook that is stored in a file attachment control on an InfoPath form from within the InfoPath form itself.

In recipe 55, you'll learn how to write C# or Visual Basic .NET code to retrieve the value of a cell from an Excel workbook that is attached to an InfoPath form from within the InfoPath form itself.

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InfoPath demo video transcript:

Here I'm in Excel 2010, where I've got this Fruits Excel workbook that contains the names and colors of fruits. The idea is that I would like to attach this Excel workbook to an InfoPath form, and then from within the InfoPath form, retrieve values that are stored in this Excel workbook.

So as you can see here, we've got cell A2 contains the name Apple and B2 the color Red, A3 contains Banana and B3 Yellow, A4 Kiwi and B4 Brown. Remember these values since I'll be retrieving them from within the InfoPath form.

Here I'm in SharePoint 2010, where I've already published an InfoPath form template to this SharePoint form library. So if I click Add document to add a new form and then I'll attach the Excel workbook that you saw previously to this InfoPath form.

And then what I'll do next is, I'll just enter cell references here. So I'll say A2. And as you can remember, A2 was Apple. And we can retrieve value B2, which would be Red. And if I retrieve A4, which was a Kiwi, I can also retrieve its color B4. And then you'll see Brown will be returned. And A3 contained Banana. And its color was, as you can remember, Yellow.


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