InfoPath 2010 Demo: Pass values between InfoPath forms

In this InfoPath 2010 demo you will see how you can open an InfoPath browser form from within another InfoPath browser form and pass data or values between the InfoPath forms.

There are several techniques you can use to pass data or a value between InfoPath forms, a few of which do not involve writing code (see for example recipe 35 in InfoPath 2010 Cookbook 2).

However, many codeless InfoPath techniques involve having to perform "tricks" to get the functionality you desire. There is where code can come into play.

The following video is a demonstration of how you can write code for an InfoPath 2010 form, so that it can open and pass values to another InfoPath form, while both forms are being filled out through a browser in SharePoint 2010.

In this InfoPath 2010 demo video, you saw that...

  • You can use a link to open an InfoPath browser form from within another InfoPath browser form in SharePoint.
  • You can pass data or values to any InfoPath browser form through its link.
  • You can populate an InfoPath browser form with data from a link.

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