Connect SharePoint form library form to SharePoint list form through SharePoint web part connections

In this InfoPath demo video you will see how a SharePoint form library form can send data to a SharePoint list form by using the send data to web part functionality in InfoPath.

In recipe 34, you will learn how to create master detail functionality across two InfoPath forms by connecting a SharePoint form library form to a SharePoint list form through one field.

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InfoPath demo video transcript:

Here I'm in SharePoint 2010 and I've got this Project Managers SharePoint list containing the names of project managers whom I would like to book onto a project.

I've already customized the SharePoint list form for this SharePoint list by making the Title and the Manager fields read-only. I've also already published a project's InfoPath form to this Projects form library. And what this project form allows me to do is select from the list of project managers.

To create master detail functionality across the project form and the project manager's SharePoint list form, I've created this web part page and embedded the two InfoPath forms onto it. Here on the left I've got the SharePoint form library form, and on the right I've got the SharePoint list form.

So I can select a project manager from the list of project managers, and then if I would like to change the details for a project manager to book him starting from a certain date, I can click on Open Manager Form. This will load the data into the SharePoint list form. And then I can select a date, and then save the form. I can do the same thing for Jane Doe and save the form.

And then once I'm done selecting my project managers and booking them starting from a certain date, I can save my project form back to the form library, and then close the form.

And then if we go back to the SharePoint list, you'll see that the two dates that I entered have been stored into the list. And if I go to the Projects form library, you'll see the InfoPath form that I saved, and the two project managers that I selected.


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