Dependent drop down lists with disappearing items

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video you will learn how to create InfoPath dependent drop down lists where items can only be selected once from a group of drop-down list boxes on an InfoPath 2010 form.

There are several ways to create dependent or cascading drop-down list boxes in InfoPath. Dependent or cascading drop-down list boxes are two or more list boxes that depend on each other. For example, when you select an item in one drop-down list box, the items that are displayed in other drop-down list boxes on the same InfoPath form are filtered based on the selected item in the first drop-down list box.

The InfoPath video tutorial below shows you how to set up cascading drop-down list boxes where as soon as you select an item from one drop-down list box, that item disappears from the other drop-down list boxes, so cannot be selected anymore.

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video, you learned...

  • How to configure an InfoPath drop down list box.
  • How to set up filters on an InfoPath secondary data source that populates an InfoPath dependent drop down list.

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