Make an InfoPath repeating table display pages of rows

Watch a demonstration of a solution where users can page through rows of a repeating table on an InfoPath form using previous and next buttons.

In a previous InfoPath video tutorial, I showed you how can use conditional formatting to hide part of a repeating table on an InfoPath form.

Because it is sometimes difficult to see where and/or how you can make use of specific InfoPath techniques in real solutions, I decided to put together a demo video in which I show you how to use the technique of hiding part of a repeating table to create an InfoPath solution where a user can display the data from a repeating table on "pages of rows" instead of displaying all of the rows of the repeating table on one "page".

The MS Access database and InfoPath form template used in the InfoPath video below can be downloaded from the InfoPath form templates page using the login credentials for InfoPath 2010 Cookbook or InfoPath 2010 Cookbook 2 owners.


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