Dynamically append text to a label in InfoPath 2010

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video you will learn how to dynamically append text to a label on an InfoPath form by using a read-only control and a rule.

Labels are read-only pieces of text that are generally placed in front of controls as a short description for the data that should be entered into the control.

You can create labels in InfoPath by 1. Directly typing text onto a view, or 2. Using a read-only control such as for example a Calculated Value control or a read-only Text Box control to display read-only text.

If you want to append text to a label after an InfoPath form has been opened, you must use a control to display the text for the label instead of directly typing the text onto a view, since the later cannot be modified using rules.

The InfoPath video tutorial shown below explains how to use rules to append text to a label on an InfoPath form after the form has already been opened.

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video, you learned...

  • How to add a static label to an InfoPath 2010 form.
  • How to bind a field in a secondary data source to a Calculated Value control (formerly known as an Expression Box control).
  • How to add a rule to the Form Load event of an InfoPath form.
  • How to use the concat() function in a formula for a rule to append text to a label on an InfoPath form.

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