Import InfoPath data into Access database tables

Watch a demo video of how you can import data from InfoPath form fields into one or more tables in a Microsoft Access database.

This InfoPath video is a demonstration of how you can go about importing data from an InfoPath form into Access database tables.

InfoPath 2010 video transcript:

Here I'm in Access 2010 where I've got this database that contains these two tables. The first table is a Customer table in which the names of customers should be stored, and the second table is an Address table in which address lines of customers should be stored.

I also have this InfoPath form which I've already pre-filled with data and I would like to import the data from this InfoPath form into the two Access database tables where I would like to place the customer information in the Customer table and these address lines in the repeating table into the Address database table.

The way you go about importing InfoPath form data into Access is via this External Data tab. Click on XML File. And then browse to and select the InfoPath form you want to import. Click OK. And then I'll select to append data to existing tables, because the tables already exist in my database. And then I'll transform the data using an XSL stylesheet. Click OK. Click OK. Click Close. And that is the entire process for importing the data from the InfoPath form into the Access database tables.

So now if I open these tables we should see the customer information listed in the Customer table and the two address lines for the customer listed in the Address table.


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