Import InfoPath 2010 into Excel 2010

Learn how to import InfoPath data into Excel 2010 by connecting an InfoPath form as an XML data source to an Excel spreadsheet.

InfoPath 2010 and Excel 2010 have several integration points with each other, even though there is no direct facility within Excel 2010 to call InfoPath.

A few integration points include exporting Excel data to import it in InfoPath, connecting InfoPath to Excel through SharePoint, importing an Excel spreadsheet into InfoPath to create a form template, and as the video below shows, importing InfoPath data into Excel 2010.

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video, you learned...

  • How to use the From XML Data Import command in Excel 2010 to import InfoPath form data into Excel.
  • How to unbind and bind fields from an XML data source to data on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • How to use the Developer tab in Excel to view the XML source and refresh data from the InfoPath form for display on the Excel spreadsheet.

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