Filter SharePoint list on dates in InfoPath 2010

Learn how you can use rules to filter items from a SharePoint tasks list to display only those tasks that lie between two dates in a repeating table on an InfoPath 2010 form.

There are several ways you can filter SharePoint lists in InfoPath 2010 (see recipes 50, 51, and 52 in InfoPath 2010 Cookbook 2). However, there aren't many of these methods that allow you to filter a SharePoint list on a date range.

The method described in the InfoPath video below uses a formatting rule to filter rows in a repeating table that is bound to a SharePoint tasks list on a date range. This method is suitable for SharePoint lists that contain a limited amount of items.

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video, you learned...

  • How to add a data connection for a SharePoint tasks list to an InfoPath 2010 form.
  • How to lay out controls on an InfoPath form.
  • How to add date and time picker controls to the view of an InfoPath form template.
  • How to bind a repeating table control to the data source for a SharePoint list.
  • How to add a Formatting rule to a repeating table.

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