Display part of a repeating table in InfoPath 2010

Learn how you can use conditional formatting in InfoPath 2010 to hide part of a repeating table on an InfoPath form.

To be able to display only part of a repeating table, you must make use of conditional formatting to show or hide rows in the repeating table. But before you do this, you need a way to identify which rows exactly you would like to show/hide in the repeating table.

There are several ways and options available for identifying rows of a repeating table. In the InfoPath 2010 video below, rows are identified by their position (= row number) in the repeating table. And depending on the row number, a row is then hidden if it falls between two numbers specified by the user.

In this InfoPath 2010 tutorial video, you learned...

  • How to add a Formatting rule to a repeating table control on an InfoPath form.
  • How to add a condition that consists of two expressions to a formatting rule.
  • How to hide rows in a repeating table based on the position/number of the row in the repeating table on the InfoPath form.

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