Display Access 2010 data in an InfoPath 2010 browser form

In this InfoPath demo video you will see an InfoPath browser form in SharePoint linked to and retrieving data from a Microsoft Access database through a data connection and InfoPath repeating table.

In recipe 100, you'll learn how to connect an InfoPath 2010 browser form to a Microsoft Access 2010 database table.

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InfoPath demo video transcript:

Here I'm in Access 2010, and I've got a database open that contains a table called Fruits that contains the names and colors of fruits. What I would like to do is use the data from this database table in InfoPath and display it in a repeating table.

But if I try to add a data connection to that database from within an InfoPath browser form, InfoPath will tell me

The selected database is not supported in Web browser forms.
Select a Microsoft SQL Server database.

which means that I'm unable to connect to an Access database from within an InfoPath browser form.

In recipe 100 you will learn how you can connect an InfoPath browser form to an Access database table. The Access database does not have to be located on the SharePoint server; it can also be located locally on someone's desktop computer.

Here I'm in SharePoint 2010, and I've already published the InfoPath form template to SharePoint. So if I click Add document, you'll see that when the InfoPath form opens, it already displays the data from the Access database table.

If I switch to Access, you can see the data here. And to show you that it's live data, I'll delete a row, and then switch back to the browser form, and then hit Refresh. And you'll see that that row has been also deleted from the repeating table.

If I switch back to Access and I add a row, or maybe two rows, and then switch back to the InfoPath form and hit Refresh again, you'll see those two rows appear.

So basically this InfoPath form has a live link to the Access database, which can be located anywhere; on a server or locally on someone's computer.


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