InfoPath 2010 date picker with only future dates allowed

Applies to: InfoPath 2010

Learn how you can use InfoPath data validation rules to allow only future dates to be selected from an InfoPath date picker and InfoPath 2010 date and time picker.


There is a new feature in InfoPath 2010 called "quick rules", which you can use to quickly add a rule to a field or control on an InfoPath form.

You can also use a quick rule to quickly add an InfoPath validation rule to an InfoPath date picker that should only allow future dates to be selected, or to an InfoPath 2010 date and time picker that should only allow future dates and times to be selected.

Validating a date picker to allow only future dates to be selected is just a matter of comparing the current date with the date selected by the user in the InfoPath date picker.

While quick rules will shorten the time and clicks required to add an InfoPath validation rule, the type and amount of rules you can add using quick rules in InfoPath 2010 is limited.

So I'll also show you how you can modify or extend an InfoPath 2010 validation rule you added to an InfoPath form using a quick rule.


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