Choice field with maximum selections in InfoPath 2010

Applies to: InfoPath 2010

Learn how to create a group of check boxes and allow users to select a maximum of choices on an InfoPath 2010 form.


You have an InfoPath 2010 form with check box controls (choice fields) on it and you want to allow users to select a maximum amount of choices from those check boxes.

For example, if you have a group of 5 choice fields (check boxes), you want users to be able to select no more than 3 choices out of the 5.

An easy way to present a group of choices is to place a choice field in a repeating group. And then to allow users to select a maximum amount of choices from the group of choices, you can use data validation on the choice field.

Where InfoPath controls are concerned, you can place a check box within an InfoPath repeating table to simulate having a group of check boxes.

And to pre-define a fixed amount of choices (for example 5 check boxes), you can use the Default Values command in InfoPath 2010 and remove the ability to add rows to the repeating table.

Once you have the controls in place on the InfoPath form template, you can add InfoPath data validation to the check box within the repeating table to prevent users from adding more than a preset amount (3 in this example) of choices from the group of check boxes.


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