Change an image on an InfoPath form by selecting options

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Learn how you can use rules (no code) to select and change the image stored in a picture control on an InfoPath 2010 form through option button selections.

Instead of answering 10 questions from last week - like I did last week - this week I decided to take one of the questions that was asked last week, and answer it in a video.

While searching on the Internet for InfoPath information, someone asked how to switch or change an image on an InfoPath form through selections.

While there are several solutions possible, the solution I put together in the InfoPath 2010 video below is a codeless solution that keeps InfoPath forms "light".

There is another "light" solution where images are stored as resource files in a form template and then programmatically retrieved at runtime, but since it is one of the recipes in my InfoPath 2010 Cookbook 3 and because the majority of InfoPath users are not programmers, I decided to show you the codeless solution instead.


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