10 InfoPath questions from last week

Read the answers to 10 questions S.Y.M. Wong-A-Ton picked out from InfoPath search queries that reached BizSupportOnline last week.

The following questions were taken from the log files of BizSupportOnline. Note that I’ve only searched for how, what, where, and when questions about InfoPath and not questions that are general statements.

1. what is floor in infopath

Floor is a function in InfoPath. You can find a description of all of the functions in InfoPath on the Office Online web site.

2. what is an infopath resource file

I’ve recently created an InfoPath 2010 video on InfoPath 2010 resource files.

3. what can infopath forms do

You can watch InfoPath demo videos of several InfoPath 2010 solutions (many using SharePoint 2010) in the InfoPath 2010 video tutorials section.

4. where is infopath form stored in sharepoint

It depends on the type of forms you create. You can watch a video of the types of InfoPath forms you can create for SharePoint, how they are used, and how the data is stored – if it is stored – in SharePoint 2010.

5. how do i change a value after it has already been populated for info path

You can use a rule or write code to change any field values in InfoPath.

6. how to populate dropdown list box in infopath 2010

You can populate a dropdown list box while designing a form template with static entries or by binding it to a repeating group either in the Main data source or a secondary data source. If you want to populate a dropdown list box while a form is being filled out, you must write code.

The following article was written for InfoPath 2007, but the code should still work in InfoPath 2010: Populate InfoPath drop-down programmatically from code. This is only one of several ways to populate a dropdown list box in InfoPath 2010.

7. how to calculate total time in infopath form

You must strip the date and time string apart to retrieve the amount of hours, minutes, and seconds; you can use the substring function for that. Once you’ve got the numbers, it is just a matter of performing calculations in seconds: There are 60 seconds in 1 minute, and 3600 seconds in 1 hour.

For an example, see How do I subtract lunch hours from time calculations?

8. how to create an infopath form

Watch this InfoPath 2007 video: Creating a simple InfoPath form template. The process is similar in InfoPath 2010.

9. how to open infopath form from web page

You must have a SharePoint server with InfoPath Forms Services installed on it. Once you’ve got the environment, you can either embed an InfoPath form in a web page using an InfoPath Form Web Part or use the Forms Services interface to fill out forms.

If you have the environment, and are having issues opening browser forms in SharePoint 2010, the discussion section of recipe 21 in InfoPath 2010 Cookbook 2 goes in-depth into troubleshooting and opening forms in the browser.

10. how to attach files to a form in infopath 2010

You can use a picture control if you want to attach images to an InfoPath form or a file attachment control if you want to attach other types of files. You can read more about the file attachment control here: Top 10 questions about InfoPath attachments.


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