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InfoPath form and form template version control in SharePoint libraries

Learn how you can apply version control or versioning to an InfoPath form or an InfoPath form template that is stored in a SharePoint form library or SharePoint document library.

Integrating InfoPath with Excel and Excel Services in SharePoint overview

Learn which options are available to you for exchanging data between InfoPath and Excel when InfoPath forms and Excel workbooks are stored in SharePoint or on a desktop computer.

Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: ‘tns’

Learn how you can fix the error “Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: ‘tns’” that may appear when you have designed an InfoPath form template that contains more than one data connection.

Link an InfoPath form to a SharePoint calendar event

Learn how you can combine or integrate InfoPath forms with SharePoint calendar events by allowing meeting attendees to fill out an InfoPath form that is associated with a meeting or event in SharePoint via the browser.

Converting browser-enabled forms to PDF or HTML in SharePoint

Learn which options are available when it comes to converting or saving an InfoPath browser form to HTML or PDF within SharePoint.

2 Ways to connect InfoPath to SQL Server 2012 Express

Learn two ways in which you can connect an InfoPath 2010 form to a SQL Server 2012 Express database.

Create an Excel 2010 spreadsheet from InfoPath repeating table data in SharePoint

Learn how you can go about writing code that takes data from a repeating table on an InfoPath 2010 form, creates an Excel 2010 spreadsheet using this data, and then finally saves the Excel workbook in a SharePoint 2010 document library.

Two templates for one InfoPath form?

Learn whether you can use two different InfoPath form templates to provide functionality for one InfoPath form.

3 Ways to integrate InfoPath with SQL Server

Learn in which 3 ways you can combine and integrate SQL Server with InfoPath when it comes to extracting data from a SQL Server database or storing data in a SQL Server database.

Using InfoPath 2010 to add recurring events to SharePoint

Learn what kind of events you can add to a SharePoint calendar when you use an InfoPath form and whether you are required to write code depending on the type of event you want to add.

3 Ways to auto-number InfoPath forms submitted to a SharePoint form library

Learn which 3 methods you can use to auto-number InfoPath forms that are submitted to a SharePoint 2010 form library with or without writing code.

Breaking InfoPath complexity into smaller chunks

Learn how you can go about solving complex InfoPath problems such as for example converting an InfoPath form to PDF and sending it as an email attachment in SharePoint 2010.

Silverlight chart to display InfoPath data in SharePoint

See a demonstration of how you can use Silverlight in SharePoint 2010 to visualize and analyze data that is stored in one or more InfoPath forms stored in a SharePoint form library.

How long does it take to create an InfoPath form?

Learn what is a reasonable amount of time to create an InfoPath form template and what you should consider when estimating Infopath development time.

Load an image from SQL Server into an InfoPath web form

Learn how you can load an image that is stored as a base64-encoded string in a SQL Server database into a picture control on an InfoPath web-based form that is hosted in SharePoint.

2 Ways to store InfoPath data in SQL Server

Learn which two methods you can use to store InfoPath data in SQL Server.

4 External components to replace InfoPath programming

Learn which 4 components you can use to write code outside of InfoPath and also when you should use each type of external component.

When I started learning InfoPath 7 years ago…

Read about how S.Y.M. Wong-A-Ton went from knowing zero about InfoPath to teaching it to others.

Publish InfoPath 2010 forms with code to SharePoint 2010

Learn which two InfoPath form publishing methods are available to you when you create InfoPath 2010 form templates that contain code and want to deploy them to SharePoint 2010.

Change an image on an InfoPath form by selecting options

Learn how you can use rules (no code) to select and change the image stored in a picture control on an InfoPath 2010 form through option button selections.

Perform date calculations in a SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow using InfoPath form dates

In this InfoPath 2010 video tutorial you will see how you can use a SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow to add days to a date and correctly set a due date on an InfoPath form.

10 InfoPath questions from last week

Read the answers to 10 questions S.Y.M. Wong-A-Ton picked out from InfoPath search queries that reached BizSupportOnline last week.