InfoPath 2010 Tutorial: What is InfoPath Filler 2010

Learn what InfoPath Filler 2010 is, what the difference is between InfoPath Filler and Designer, and how to open either application.


InfoPath Filler 2010 is a Microsoft Office application that can be used to fill out InfoPath forms.

InfoPath Filler 2010 is one of two applications that is installed when you install InfoPath 2010. The other application is InfoPath Designer 2010. While it seems like two applications are installed when you install InfoPath 2010, one executable and two shortcuts are installed: One shortcut opens InfoPath Filler 2010 and the other shortcut opens InfoPath Designer 2010.

You can open InfoPath Filler 2010 through the shortcut that is installed or from within InfoPath Designer 2010 by clicking on the Preview command on the Ribbon.

If you want to open either application from the command-line, you must use a switch with the InfoPath.exe executable, which by default is located in the <System Drive>\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 directory.

You can use the following command to open InfoPath Filler 2010:


You can use the following command to open InfoPath Designer 2010:

infopath.exe /design


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