InfoPath 2010 Tutorial: Add an image to a page layout header

In this InfoPath video tutorial you'll learn a trick to misuse a picture button in InfoPath 2010 to add an image to the header of a page layout table.

The Picture Button is a new control that has been added to InfoPath 2010. A big advantage of a picture button control is that you can have its Picture and Hover Picture properties point to images that have been stored as InfoPath resource files. This is beneficial especially if you want to reuse images on several picture buttons on the InfoPath form.

A second benefit of using picture buttons lies in the answer to the question I posed at the end of the video tutorial. My use of a Picture Button to set the image for a page layout header is not random – I had a valid reason to do this. The clue lies in the difference between Picture Button and Picture controls in InfoPath 2010.

In this InfoPath video tutorial, you learned…


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