InfoPath Demo: Password-protect InfoPath forms in SharePoint

In this InfoPath demo you'll see an example of using encryption and a password to protect the data that is stored in fields on an InfoPath browser form in SharePoint.

The InfoPath demo shown below is based on an ASP Alliance article (Password-Protecting Sensitive InfoPath Form Fields) I wrote way back in 2006 for InfoPath 2003.

I modified the code slightly to work with InfoPath 2007, and came up with an entirely different solution to encrypt InfoPath forms and secure them in SharePoint.

I was inspired to come up with this solution for one of my ASP Alliance readers who was struggling to find a suitable way to convert the previously mentioned article and apply it to his scenario.

In this InfoPath demo, you saw…

  • How to use a password to protect fields on an InfoPath browser form in SharePoint.
  • How an InfoPath form that is created and protected by a user cannot be unprotected by another user even if that user knows the password with which the form was protected. The data can only be decrypted and read by the person who protected the InfoPath form.
  • How you can download the InfoPath form from the SharePoint Form Library, store it locally on disk, open it in Notepad, and still not be able to read the sensitive data stored within the form.
  • How all of the data from the fields on the InfoPath form that require protection is stored in an encrypted format in a hidden field on the InfoPath form.

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