Open an InfoPath form from a link in SharePoint 2010

Learn how you can add a navigation link to the Quick launch bar on a SharePoint 2010 site so that users can easily click the link to fill out a new InfoPath form.


Suppose you created an InfoPath 2010 web browser form and published it to a Form Library on SharePoint 2010.

Now you want to be able to add a navigation link to it in the Quick Launch on the SharePoint site, so that users can click the link and immediately have a new InfoPath form open within the browser without having to go to the SharePoint form library for the InfoPath form.

You can accomplish this functionality as follows:

  1. In InfoPath create a new Blank Form template and publish it to a SharePoint Server. You can publish the InfoPath form template to a SharePoint form library or as a site content type.
  2. In SharePoint 2010, go to the SharePoint form library where you published the InfoPath form template, and click Add document.
  3. When a new InfoPath form opens, copy the URL from the web browser’s address bar, and paste it in Notepad.
  4. Modify the URL by removing &Source= and everything that comes after it until before the ampersand of the next query string parameter. You should leave the SaveLocation and DefaultItemOpen query string parameters intact. For more information, see How to: Use Query Parameters to Invoke Browser-Enabled InfoPath Forms.
  5. Copy the modified URL to the clipboard.
  6. Go to the SharePoint site on which you want to add the navigation link, and click Site Actions > Site Settings.
  7. On the Site Settings page under Look and Feel, click Quick launch.
  8. On the Quick Launch page, click New Heading.
  9. On the New Heading page, type the URL for the SharePoint site (on which you are currently located) into the Type the Web address text box, type InfoPath Forms in the Type the description text box (this will become the title for the heading), and click OK.
  10. On the Quick Launch page, click New Navigation Link.
  11. On the New Navigation Link page, paste the URL you modified and copied earlier into the Type the Web address text box, type a name for the link in the Type the description text box, select InfoPath Forms from the Heading drop-down list box, and click OK.

The link should now appear on the Quick launch navigation bar of the SharePoint site, and when you click the link for the InfoPath form, a new InfoPath form should open. Once you have filled out and either saved or submitted the form, you should be taken back to the page on which you clicked the link.


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