InfoPath Training Video: Working with Views in InfoPath

In this InfoPath training video, you'll learn how to add a View to an InfoPath form template, use rules to switch between Views in an InfoPath form, and make a View read-only.

This is lesson 6 in the InfoPath training videos series. The InfoPath training videos series is a series of free step-by-step video tutorials that take beginners from knowing nothing about InfoPath to creating form templates in InfoPath.

Views are an essential part of InfoPath forms; without Views there are no forms. You can see a View as a canvas or page on which you place controls.

When you create a new InfoPath form template, InfoPath automatically creates a View for you. This View is set as the default View, meaning that it is the first View that is displayed when you open the InfoPath form.

The InfoPath video tutorial below shows you:

  • How to add a new View to an InfoPath form template.
  • How to use the Switch views action in a rule to be able to go from one view to another.
  • How to make a View read-only. Note: A ‘read-only View‘ displays data that can be read, but not changed.

As demonstrated in Creating a simple InfoPath form template, a View is defined by a .XSL file in an InfoPath form template (.XSN).

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