InfoPath Video Tutorial: Using a SharePoint list populated multi-select list box and conditional formatting to show/hide sections

In this InfoPath video tutorial you'll learn how to use conditional formatting on a repeating section to show/hide sections based on the items that were selected in a multi-select list box that is populated via a SharePoint list.

Multiple-selection list boxes store data differently than other types of list boxes in InfoPath. Therefore, they also need to be handled differently when using rules, conditional formatting, and code.

In the following InfoPath video tutorial, I’ll show you a special technique you can use to apply conditional formatting based on the selections in a multi-select list box to show or hide sections of a repeating section control. Both the multi-select list box and the repeating section have a SharePoint list as their source, but this technique can be applied using any kind of data source and is not bound to SharePoint.

In this InfoPath video tutorial, you learned…

Please note that the multi-select list box control is not available for InfoPath browser forms.


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