InfoPath Training Video: Installing Forms Server 2007 on WSS 3.0

In this InfoPath training video, you'll learn how to install Forms Server 2007 and then configure InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint to enable the use of browser-enabled forms in SharePoint.

This is lesson 2 in the InfoPath training videos series. The InfoPath training videos series is a series of free step-by-step video tutorials that take beginners from knowing nothing about InfoPath to creating form templates in InfoPath.

Update (July 25, 2009): Forms Server 2007 is not available anymore for purchase.

You can use Forms Server 2007 to enable users to fill out InfoPath 2007 forms through a browser and not require them to have the InfoPath client application installed on their computers.

Before installing Forms Server 2007, you must download and install Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0. Read about the hardware and software requirements for Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 before you install it.

In this InfoPath training video you learned how to install Forms Server 2007 on a stand-alone server that already has the required software and WSS 3.0 installed and how to activate InfoPath Forms Services on a SharePoint site collection after you’ve installed Forms Server 2007.

Note: If you do not plan to fill out InfoPath forms through a browser, then you do not require Forms Server 2007 or InfoPath Forms Services to be installed and activated on SharePoint.

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