InfoPath Training Video: Using Rules and Conditions in InfoPath

In this InfoPath training video, you'll learn how to add a Rule to a Button control on an InfoPath form template, and a Condition to specify when the Rule should run. You'll also see how you can use Rules to move text between two text boxes on an InfoPath form.

This is lesson 7 in the InfoPath training videos series. The InfoPath training videos series is a series of free step-by-step video tutorials that take beginners from knowing nothing about InfoPath to creating form templates in InfoPath.

The InfoPath video tutorial above shows you:

  • How to add a Rule to a button control on an InfoPath form template.
  • How to add a Set a field’s value Action to a rule.
  • How to add a Condition to a rule.

In addition, you’ll create an InfoPath form template that has a button which you can click to move text back and forth between two text fields.

For an introduction to Rules and Conditions in InfoPath, see InfoPath Basics: Understanding Rules in InfoPath.

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