InfoPath Video Tutorial: Debug code of an InfoPath browser form in SharePoint

In this InfoPath video tutorial you'll learn how to attach the debugger in Visual Studio to a SharePoint process ID to be able to debug an InfoPath browser form that has been deployed to SharePoint.

Once you’ve deployed an InfoPath browser-compatible form template that contains managed code to SharePoint and then enable it to be used on a SharePoint library, you may want to debug the code should the InfoPath form not function as intended.

In the following InfoPath video tutorial, I’ll show you how you can debug an InfoPath browser form that contains code and which has been deployed to SharePoint.

In this InfoPath video tutorial, you learned…

  • How to determine the process ID of a SharePoint site.
  • How to set a breakpoint in code in an InfoPath browser form template in Visual Studio and then attach the debugger to a SharePoint process ID.
  • How to start the debugging process on an InfoPath form from within SharePoint.

For more information, also see How to: Debug Browser-Enabled Forms Deployed on InfoPath Form Services on MSDN.


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