InfoPath Training Video: Adding and Using Data Connections in InfoPath

In this InfoPath training video, you'll learn how to add a data connection to a SharePoint list to an InfoPath form template and then bind the secondary data source to a drop-down list box and a repeating table.

This is lesson 8 in the InfoPath training videos series. The InfoPath training videos series is a series of free step-by-step video tutorials that take beginners from knowing nothing about InfoPath to creating form templates in InfoPath.

There are two types of data connections in InfoPath:

  1. Receive data connections
  2. Submit data connections

You use Receive data connections in InfoPath to retrieve data from a data source (such as for example a SharePoint list) and to display that data in InfoPath.

You use Submit data connections in InfoPath to send data from fields in an InfoPath form or to send the entire InfoPath form to a data store (such as for example a SharePoint Form Library).

The data source pertaining to a Receive data connection is generally called an InfoPath secondary data source.

The InfoPath video tutorial below shows you:


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